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For acoustic barriers

For acoustic barriers/shields for highway,bridge,airport, etc.




The acoustic consists of modular metal with acoustic absorbent material and joists for the needed support to build the framework in which the panels slide.

The support joists are standard vertical profiles of galvanized steel, the thickness and strength of which are depending of the height of the screen to be installed. The finish is of two-component polyester paint and polymerized in an oven.

The modular panels have the dual role of insulation and sound absorption, and can be stacked to a total of 5 panels (3 meters), without need of any structural reinforcement, capable of withstanding wind loads of 140kg/m2.


Each panel has a total size:

Maximum length = 1960 mm

Maximum height =800 mm

Depth= 80mm

And it consists of the following elements:

²       FRAME: Made from folded sheet, cold rolled steel 1mm thick, continuous hot galvanizing quality Z. 275 and painted finish.

²       ABSORBENT MATERIAL: aluminum foam of minimum 10 mm thickness and density between 400- 600 kg/m3 with holes of 2mm. 

The panels should be completely non-flammable and not generate smoke.

The acoustic barriers are made of aluminum and it is susceptible to corrosion. The surfaces of the panels can also be painted to a demanded color.

Detailed Description

      AFP acoustic barrier consists of the frame structure (support joists) and aluminum foam panel (AFP) sound absorption box.

      The measurement of sound absorption box is 800x1960x80mm. The face side is 10mm thick perforated AFP (to a proportion of 3%), and back side is 1.2mm thick galvanized steel panel. There is 70mm air space between them.

      The AFP sound absorption box can directly slide in the “H” shape support joists, 5 boxes are stacked together to a total of 4 meters (can be 2 or 3 meters also), without any structural reinforcement. 

      These acoustic barriers can consist of only AFP sound absorption boxes. In order to beautify the barriers and to get better lightening without affecting the acoustic performances, PVB safety glass is used between to separate the AFP sound absorption boxes in the upper and bottom parts. Just as the following photos:

      Notes: The AFP sound absorption box is sealed. The front side is AFP and other sides are galvanized steel panel. Once the support joists are installed, AFP sound absorption boxes can directly slide in without any welding. Spring leafs are used between for strengthening.


      Pre-embedded: embed in the steel and bolts partially while constructing the anti-collision barriers. AFP acoustic barrier is to be installed on the bolts and steel afterwards.

      Embedded afterwards: It refers to install the acoustic barriers once the anti-collision barrier has already finished. Holes need to be punched firstly, and then embed in the steels and weld “H” shape support joists before installing AFP acoustic barriers.

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