Aluminum Foam

Porous Aluminum Foam

Porous Aluminum Foam

Product Description:

The production process of open-celled aluminum foam is to melt the aluminum, aluminum-silicon or aluminum-magnesium which is melted, and then to be molded by die-casting.

1) The porosity ranges from 63% to 90%.

2) The thickness of the panel starts with 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, etc.

3) Number of pores/inch(PPI) --- 5PPI, 10PPI, 20PPI, 30PPI, 40PPI.

4) Size availability---500*500mm.

5) Density---0.7g/cm³.

Product Features:

Open cell AFP is sound absorbing, ventilated, fireproof, ultralight 100% eco-friendly & recyclable, etc.

Porous Aluminum FoamPorous Aluminum Foam


Foam aluminum panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.

Porous Aluminum Foam


It can be used in the following places: urban tracks and traffic line, overhead roads, railway roads, cloverleaf intersections, cooling towers, outdoors high voltage direct current converter stations, and concrete mixing sites and so on. And it can conduct sound-shielding function by sucking in sound, isolating sound, and eliminating sound to equipment like diesel engines, generators, electric motors, freezers, air compressors, ustulation hammers, and blowers and so on.

Porous Aluminum Foam

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1.MOQ: 200m².

2.Delivery time: around 20days after confirm order.

3.Payment term: T/T 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipment date.