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Iron foam

Product Description:

The pore distribution of foam metal has the characteristics of gradient distribution. It has the function of retention and trapping for solid particles in gas and liquid, and the material can be processed into tubular, cup-shaped, disc and plate. It can be widely used in oil sand filtration, aluminum water filtration, water treatment filtration, gas filtration, etc.

Iron foam


Bulk density

Through-hole rate

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Product Feature:
1. absorption: sound absorption characteristics of porous structures with wide frequency.
2. sound insulation: by means of additional processing, can gain access to intercepta high noise, sound effects.
3. electronic shielding: about 90dB electron wave shield.
4. processing performance: can cut, bend, and simply paste.
5. fire prevention: maintain stable, hard to burn at a high temperature, high temperature.
6. high thermal conductivity.
7. permeability is good, has a filtering effect, Super gas and fluid flow stability.
8. high temperature resistant above 1100 degrees, uniform pore structure and heattransfer.

Iron foam

Floor cushioning materials, filter materials, damping material, decorative material, high grade packaging materials, structural materials, battery electrode materials.

Iron foam