Sound Absorption System

sound absorbtion system

No Noise, No Problem


Aluminium Foam Panel

The first dimension is a strong, lightweight foamed aluminium panel with a series of punched holes.

This new concept, ultralight metallic material is soundproof, fireproof and waterproof. 

sound absorbtion system

The physical properties make them suitable for use by a wide range of industries due to:

     • Sound and heat insulation

     • Fire Resistant

     • Excellent sound absorption properties

     • Lightweight but strong

     • 100% recyclable

Application for Aluminium Foam Panels

Engineering and Construction Industry - Aluminium foam panels can be used as sound absorbing materials in railway tunnels, under highway bridges or inside/outside of buildings due to their excellent acoustic insulation.

Automotive, Aviation and Railway Industry - Aluminium foams can be used in vehicles to increase sound dampening, reduce the weight of the automobile, and increase energy absorption in case of crashes.

Architectural and Design Industry – Aluminium foam panels can be used as decorative panels on walls and ceilings, giving a unique appearance having a metallic lustre.

They are Easy, Safe and Simple to install without mechanical lifting equipment. Perfect for working at heights, for example ceilings, walls and roofs.

Physical Properties


Chemical composition (Aluminium)

> 97%

Cell type

Closed Cell

Density (kg/m3)



Acoustic Absorption Coefficient (NCR)



Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Compressive Strength (Mpa)


Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)



Electromagnetic Shielding (dB)

> 90

Spray salt testing

No Corrosion

sound absorbtion system

China Beihai SoundAbsorb – Modular Sound Absorption Boxes and Barrier Walls

The third dimension is achieved by placing these two materials in series to create an air chamber providing sound absorption utilising an inherent Helmholtz Resonator (HR) thereby reducing the noise level especially at lower frequencies. A HR Resonator is formed by the air chamber and the open holes (or necks) in the foamed aluminium panel. The volume of air in and around the neck vibrates because of the springiness of the air in the chamber thereby trapping a large part of the input energy. Attenuation of the sound occurs due to acoustic inter-reaction between the primary and secondary (formed by volume velocity of the neck) sound fields leading to energy dissipation. 

sound absorbtion system

China Beihai Aluminium modular sound absorption boxes and prefabricated wall systems are available in a range of sizes and colours as required.

China Beihai SoundAbsorb – Modular Sound Absorption Boxes and Barrier Walls

Sound waves penetrate the perforated face of the panel and are absorbed within the air chamber

and reflected by the 3D reinforced foam cement panel resulting in an NRC of > 1.2. 

sound absorbtion system

sound absorbtion system