Acoustic Insulation

aluminum fiber panel

New generation of aluminium fiber sound absorber, which uses light metal aluminium as raw material.

aluminum fiber panel





aluminum fiber panel

Aluminum micro fiber is only 20㎛ (1/3 of hair), it is much thinner than the existing product (50㎛).
It is very porous, anti-corrosive, thermo-stable and exceptional performance in processing.


Excellent acoustic absorption: Excellent acoustic absorbing capacity and semi-permanent acoustic absorption

Ultralight: 10 times lighter than aluminum, easy installation

Moisture resistance and non-flammability: Moisture resistance, 100% non-flammability and no poisonous gas

Excellent pliability: Easy cutting, perforating and bending.

Various uses: Acoustic absorbent, filter, electromagnetic waves shielding material, heat exchanger.



Shortcomings of traditional inorganic fiber sound-absorbing materials

during the construction and installation process, due to the brittleness of fibers and easy breakage, dust escapes and pollutes the environment, affecting the breathing and itching skin of construction personnel. Soft surface needs protection and decoration, such as perforated panels, breathable fabrics and so on, resulting in more complex, large volume, storage and transportation troubles.

Inorganic fibre sound absorption material is not suitable for outdoor environment such as open air, humidity, high temperature, clean and high-speed airflow.

aluminum fiber panel

Aluminum fibre sound absorption board has the characteristics of

light weight, small thickness, high strength, bending not easy to break, can withstand the erosion of air flow and water flow, water resistance, heat resistance, freezing resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

It can be sprayed with various colors and has beautiful surface and decorative effect.

It has good processing performance, easy drilling, bending and cutting, and can be made into sound absorbers of various shapes. The construction and installation process will not produce fibrous dust pollution of the environment, affect human health, improve efficiency and save labor.

Aluminum fibre sound absorption board is made of pure aluminium metal without binder. It is a kind of recyclable sound absorption material. In the future, waste garbage will not cause pollution to the environment when it is repaired and replaced,

and it also has a good shielding effect on electromagnetic wave.



Interior: ceiling materials in office, indoor swimming pool, pavilion and concert hall

Exterior: stadium, cooling tower, soundproof wall, etc

Shipbuilding: engine room, main control center

Other: plant facilities, civil engineering facilities, etc

aluminum fiber panel