Bullet Proof Housing

Bullet Proof Housing


Product Description


For the production of foamed aluminum, AL powder is mixed with a product releasing gas at higher temperature and then compacted, this foaming agent is placed into a mold form and heated up until the agent starts to foam. Immediately there after the mold is taken out of the furnace and cooled off , so the aluminum foam part is frozen in shape. The outcome of this process is a closed cell aluminum foam showing a thin casting shin on the surface.

Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel(Closed Cell AFP) is cut by Closed Cell Aluminum Foam.

Size: 2400*800*H (mm) or customized as requirement ,the thickness of the panel starts with 6mm .

Pore size: Uniform distributed 1-10mm, the main pore 4-8mm.

Product Features:

Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel(Closed Cell AFP) is soundproof ,fireproof, ultralight, 100% eco-friendly & recyclable, etc.

Bullet Proof Housing



Basic Feature

Chemical compositionOver 97% Aluminum
Cell typeClosed-cell

Acoustic Feature

Acoustic absorption Coefficient 

NRC 0.70~0.75 

Mechanical Feature

Tensile strength


Compressive strength3~17Mpa

Thermal Feature

Thermal conductivity0.268W/m.K
Melting point

Approx. 780℃ 

Extra Feature

Electromagnetic waves shielding abilityOver 90dB
Salt Spray test

No Corrosion

Bullet Proof Housing


Bullet Proof Housing


Foam aluminum panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.

Bullet Proof Housing


It can be used in the following places to control reverberation time effectively: libraries, meeting-rooms, theatres, studios, KTV, stadiums, natatoriums, subway stations, waiting rooms, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, show rooms, wireless houses, computer houses and so on.

Bullet Proof Housing