Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier


Product Description


Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier


Aluminum Foam is a new type of structural functional materials with a variety of excellent properties. According to the pore structure, the aluminum foam can be divided into closed-cell aluminum foam and open-cell aluminum foam, the former each hole is not connected; the latter hole connected with each other.

Product Features:

As the Aluminum Foam products with light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption of impact energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature, fire resistance, with unique environmental friendliness and other special properties.

Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier

Product Data


Product Details Of Aluminum Foam
Ultra-light/low WeightPore diameterMain 5 – 10 mm
Density0.25g/cm3  - 0.85g/cm3
Porosity68% ~91%
Thickness6 -300 mm
Size availability

500*500mm, 600*600mm, 1000*500mm,

1200*600mm. Biggest size is 2400*800mm

ShapeMainly, panel; customize special shape acceptable
Weather ResistanceCorrosion resistanceExcellent
Moisture absorption0%
Heat / non combustion propertyA1 grade
Thermal conductivity0.25 ~ 0.62W/M.K
Thermal expansivity19.34*10 -6/ °C
Green Environmental ProtectionNon toxicity,100% recyclable,Easy to process and installation
Excellent Hiding PropertyAfter surface spray absorbing material treatment
Excellent Acoustic PerformanceSound insulation (20mm Thickness)20 ~40 db
Sound absorption (1000Hz -2000Hz)40% ~ 80% 
Electromagnetic ShieldingExcellent


Mechanical Performance Data Sheet
Density (g/cm3)Compressive Strength (Mpa)Bending Strength (Mpa)Energy Absorption (KJ/M3)



Foam aluminum panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.

Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier


Used in aerospace, aviation, high-speed trains, urban rail trains, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, construction, tunnel and along the sound barrier and other fields.

Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier

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Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier 

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