Aluminum Fiber Panel


  1. Property
  2. Aluminum micro fiber is only 20mm(1/3 of hair), it is much thinner than the existing product(50mm).This product is very porous, anti-corrous, thermo-stable and exceptional performance in processing. Not only above advantages, there are more priorities as follows:
  3. Excellent accoustic absorption: excellent accoustic absorbing capacity and semi-permanent acoustic absorpyion.
  4. Ultralight: 10 times lighter than aluminum, easy installation.
  5. Moisture resistance and non-flammability: moisture resistance, 100% non-flammability and no poisonous gas.
  6. Excellent pliability: easy cutting, perforating and bending.
  7. Various uses: acoustic absorbent, filter, electromagnetic waves shielding material, heat exchanger.
  8. Application


  1. Interior: ceiling materials in office, indoor swimming pool, pavilion and concert hall.
  2. Exterior: stadium, cooling tower, soundproof wall,etc.
  3. Shipbuilding: engine room, main control center.
  4. Other: plant facilities, civili engineering facilities, etc.
  6. Size:               
  7. 500*500*1.35mm
  8. 600*600*1.35mm
  9. 600*1200*1.35mm
  10. 1000*2000*1.35mm
  11. 1000*3000*1.35mm


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