Aluminum foam with marble is a product developed by Foamtech, which is a heavy natural stone cut into 3mm thin layer, processed and combined with ultra light foamed aluminum. It is not only maintains panels solidity but also the weight of the product is ultra light, so that it could be easily used in a wide range of environment such as interior, exterior, container(train), yacht or cruise ship cabin, elevator material, furniture and materials for remodeling old buildings.

  1. Property
  2. Superior sound absorption abilities 
  3. Much lighter than Marble
  4. Used for new constructionㆍrepair works - No effect to the  weight of building
  5. Easy to move - low distribution cost     
  6. Excellent exceptional performance in processing-easy to cut and drill
  7. Easy installation- No specialty to install
  8. Maximization of space utility - twice thinner than existing marble
  9. Noise reduction effect between floors with Aluminum Foam its excellent impact absorption capabilities
  10. Short construction term - save the construction time, labor cost and prime cost  \
  12. Application
  13. It is suitable for flooring material.
  14. Excellent exceptional performance in processing various stones and can be applied to granites, onyx and travertine.
  16. Size:    
  17. 500*500*11mm(8+3)    500*500*13mm (10+3)     500*500*15mm(12+3) 
  18. 500*1000*11mm(8+3)   500*1000*13mm (10+3)    500*1000*15mm(12+3)

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