Poperties of Aluminum Foam

(This test is based on 10 mm thickness )

Mechanical Properties


(These tests are  based on closed-cell aluminum foam)

Thermal Conductivity:       Sample name: Closed-cell Aluminum foam panel
                                                         Sample dimensions: 200x200x30mm
                                                         Porosity: 85%
                                                         Method: flat plate method, according to GE3399 standard
                                                         Apparatus: KTM made in Japan

Test results:

Environment temperature

Thermal Conductivity coefficient




0352 w/m.k


0.392 w/m.k

Thermal Resistance           Sample name: Closed-cell AFP
                                                          Sample dimension: 200x25x15mm
                                                          Porosity: 85%
                                                          Apparatus: High temperature electrical furnace
                                                          Temperature range: 500桫800
                                                          Method: samples were examined after they were kept in the furnace 30 minutes after each heating-up 100
Results: Samples were not softened between 500700, but they were softened and could not support their weight at 800 but not melted; so the new material can be used at temperature under 600



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