Al-foam Introduction


Aluminum foam - General Information:

Aluminum Foam is a new concept metal material which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot with various chemical ingredients.

Aluminum foams have two basic shapes: closed cell Aluminum foam and open cell Aluminum foam.


Their structure makes them excellent materials to absorb sound, impacts and vibrations. Their metallic nature allows their use as electromagnetic shields and makes them stable at high temperatures. Aluminum foams are recyclable and non contaminant, while offering a combination of physical, mechanical, thermal and acoustic characteristics typical of a homogeneous material. All these characteristics are ideal for diverse and important applications in different industrial sectors, from aerospace or navy to motor and construction.


Aluminum foam is metallic and relatively isotropic, with many randomly distributed pores inside its structure. These pores, mainly spherical, (open or closed) occupy 50% to 90% of the total volume. The mechanical and physical properties depend greatly on density that varies from 0.4 to 0.8 g/cm3 (floats in water).


The main applications of aluminum foams are found in construction industry :

as sound barriers inside tunnels


as fire proof materials, structure protection systems against explosions


as the unique acoustic materials


as decorative materials for indoor and outdoor use


in the automotive industry and thermal absorbers.


the aerospace industry as structural components in turbines and spatial cones


as low frequency vibration absorb in the naval industry


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